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Working on your organic social media marketing strategy? Looking for click-worthy social media ads? No matter what your marketing goals look like, we’re here to promote your brand with effective designs.

"“One word for RAQ Designs: BRILLIANT. They know what they’re doing and you can expect nothing but the best from them. We 100% recommend them for all social media services!"

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Fuel Your Brand With Innovative Social Media Designs

To break through the digital noise and reach your target audience, you need a powerful social media strategy—and that starts with attention-grabbing visuals. At RAQ Designs, our talented graphic designers and marketing experts combine their experience to optimize your social presence.

Specialized marketing strategies: : Our marketing team will provide a customized social media marketing plan to grow your business and boost your following. From maximizing traffic to increasing engagement, we’re here to help you every step of the way.
Meaningful engagement: Spark conversations with your target audience and build meaningful connections with irresistible graphic designs for social media.
Organic growth: With social media design templates and experienced copywriters at your side, you’ll build awareness, drive conversation, and generate more leads.
Rated 5 based on 12,425 Happy Customer reviews

Our Work

Explore our social media portfolio and discover how we can help promote your brand.

Revamp Your Social Media Strategy

Build a strong online presence with a comprehensive social media marketing strategy tailored specifically to your brand.

Customized social media designs There’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution to social media marketing. Count on RAQ Designs to ignite your growth with unique social media post designs.
Manage and schedule posts: Leverage our social media marketing packages to manage your social accounts, schedule upcoming posts, and maximize engagement.
Create a buzz about your brand: Kickstart conversations and grow your organic following with scroll-stopping posts and copy that resonate with your audience.
Rated 5 based on 12,425 Happy Customer reviews

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

Vanessa Rosenblum

RAQ Designs was responsive and took guidance and feedback well. They were easy to work with, and I will hire them again.

Kathryn Cram

"RAQ Designs demonstrates exceptional professionalism and are a pleasure to collaborate with. They are prompt and readily accessible, exhibiting patience when we encounter questions or technical difficulties within our system. We look forward to partnering with them on future projects, provided they are available."

Adam Company & Co.

"Excellent work! Creative designs and very punctual. Always ready to help, the RAQ Team is fantastic, and I'm happy to have met and worked with them."

Adam James

"As always, this was such a smooth experience. RAQ Designs followed instructions meticulously and displayed remarkable creativity with their designs... All with a great turnaround time! They provided work quickly and shared good examples to choose from. Will definitely hire again!"

Amaryllis Harrop

"RAQ Design did a great job at completing all of our template and graphic specs successfully. They took my feedback and made sure to follow my exact instructions."

Liz Svensson

"I found working with the RAQ Team very easy, especially as I stumbled through the new ground of hiring online! I'd definitely work with them again :-)"

Sarina Schenker

"Working with RAQ Designs was a pleasure. They are very professional, and their designs are outstanding. Can highly recommend working with them! :-)"

Thomas Heber

"Working with RAQ Designs was an absolute pleasure! They're always available, easy to communicate with, helpful, and extremely talented at what they do. I couldn't recommend them more."

Hamish Adam

"RAQ Team was extremely helpful and professional throughout the contract. In fact, at times I was not providing sufficient feedback to the RAQ Team, making it difficult for them to know how to proceed optimally. Still, they managed to find the perfect solutions while communicating as best as they could with me. Their work was always on time and to a high standard. I can't recommend them enough."

Adam James

"RAQ Design is an absolute dream to work with. The graphics they designed for my social media accounts helped me to grow my accounts organically. I have hired them for a second time. Keep up the good work, RAQ Design!"

Kimberly Mehta

"The RAQ Team was able to complete the work required on my website as instructed. They provided updates often and communicated well with any questions or clarifications. Would use the RAQ Designs services again."

Jennifer Duclair

"RAQ Designs is a very skilled team able to handle tech issues thrown their way. Their English is perfect. And they helped us to complete a lot of big projects (even if I did ask them to go outside their wheelhouse, they did what was necessary to figure out how to do it)."

Alan Navarro

"RAQ Designs is just amazing. Incredibly smart and professional. I look forward to working with them again."

Adam Company & Co.

"RAQ Designs is just AMAZING! They’re so talented and professional. I had a rush project and needed my pitch deck prepared at the earliest. Not only did they deliver on time, but I was mind-blown with the results. I will definitely hire them again and couldn’t recommend anyone more! Thank you so much!"

Liz Svensson

"I found RAQ Team very easy to work with as I stumbled through the new ground of hiring online! I'd work with them again :-)"

Adam Company & Co.

"I 100% recommend the RAQ Team for their services. Very creative. Loved their designs! Punctual and always submitted work before the deadline."

Asked Questions

We have answers
What does a social media marketing agency do?

At RAQ Designs, we develop and run social media campaigns for our clients. Depending on your marketing needs, we can take care of everything from organic social media marketing and graphic design to social media advertising.

How has social media changed marketing?

With social media usage hitting all-time highs, social media offers amazing opportunities to connect with your target audience and spread the word about your brand.

How does social media marketing work?

Social media posts capture your audience’s attention and highlight your unique value proposition, which helps build awareness and drive website traffic.

What is organic social media marketing?

Organic social media marketing uses free social media tools to build an audience and engage your following.

Does RAQ Designs offer social media packages?

Yes! Reach out to our team to discuss your social media needs, and we’ll help you choose the right social media marketing services to bring your vision to life.

Comprehensive Social Media
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Our graphic design team provides professional-grade designs to captivate your audience and ignite your sales.


Our graphic design team provides professional-grade designs to captivate your audience and ignite your sales.


Our graphic design team provides professional-grade designs to captivate your audience and ignite your sales.


Our graphic design team provides professional-grade designs to captivate your audience and ignite your sales.

Rated 5 based on 12,425 Happy Customer reviews